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Comacho Pre-Embargo

So they say that it is the highest rated cigar on this website.  I've smoked 2 cubans before 1 being the montecristo No. 2 which was phenomenal, the other i forget what it was.  Is this cigar all its cracked up to be?  I want to order a couple of them but I want to see what ya'll think about it.


  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    The Camacho pre-embargo is a good cigar, it is not, however, worth the $25 you would spend on just one here. If you want to try one, I'd suggest you look around for a deal, they're not terribly hard to find.
  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    Oh, and if you think the Monte #2 is good, try a Partagas Serie P #2 or a Bolivar Petit Corona. I was less than impressed with the Monte myself, but that could have been an effect of overproduction and inconsistency due to demand, a flaw the two aforementioned cigars do not suffer.
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