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i'm still fairly new to cigars, but i've found a few that I really like so far. The Graycliff 1666 is my favorite. I also like Rocky Patel 1992, Cusano, Drew Esate Java, and 5 Vegas Classic and Gold.

I'm looking for cigars that are similar to these to try, and any suggestions on a box purchase to celebrate our baby that's due in July.



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    alienmisprintalienmisprint Posts: 3,964 ✭✭✭
    I am also new to cigars, and all the cigars you listed that I have tried I really liked as well. I also really dig Rocky Patel Signature, Carlos Torano Exodus, and Gurkha Regent, give those a shot.
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    Since you liked the 1992 I'd give the Padron Londres a shot. They're a smaller cigar but they pack a lot of flavor, and they're under $3 a stick.
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    I also really dig Rocky Patel Signature

    yes, quite a tasty cigar, i Bought a box of those right away.
    since you dig the 1666 Ild recommend the CAO Brazilia,
    I am new as well and got all three of those in samplers, and directly went to purchasing all three of those right away
    If you think youll like the fuller stronger cigars as well, just last week I got turned on to the Oliva V, 601 green and the San Cristobal. To me, the San Cristobal is just plain WOW, the other two were quite impressive as well. Looking to stock up on these as soon as I can.
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    thanks for all the ideas. that definitely narrows down the field of what to try next, I'll try the padron for sure.
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