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avo maduro

1st one last night. thanks to my ss. wow what a great smooth maddy, didnt have that harshness that some maduros can have. really enjoyed it.


  • dowjr1dowjr1 Posts: 600
    I have been looking at these but never pulled the trigger. Avo not a big brand for me.
  • Russ55Russ55 Posts: 2,765
    While I agree it's smooth, I find it pretty boring. I'm not really a fan of mild maduros though, or even maduros in general for that matter. If I were to rank all of the Avo cigars from my most favorite to least, this would be near the bottom, but I'm glad you enjoyed it all the same. Avo's a solid brand.
  • fuentejpsfuentejps Posts: 345
    i liked the smooth sweet flavor w/out that maddy bite. im not a avo fan. im just opposite of u on this, i put it near top of all avos ive had.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    interesting. i would put it as my least favorite Avo as well.
    that being said, i would still put it closer to the top of in a list of "all cigars ever"
  • RCY_CigarsRCY_Cigars Posts: 5,492 ✭✭✭
    Nice to know someone else out there likes the smooth quality of the Avo maduro. Seeing I'm a morning smoker, they are awesome first thing in the morning. Or anytime when you want a nice smooth smoke. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Like I said before, its nice to just have a nice smooth flavorful smoke every now and then.
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