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Where you peeps smoke on holidays?

phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,347 ✭✭✭
Just curious really. I hear, "I've got smoke ... on ..." But where? Outside, in the basement, the man cave ...where? I only ask because for me I have outside (which is cold) by myself or in my computer room where, I would be by myself. While everyone one else is inside having a good time. Like on xmas, we had it at my house and I won't smoke in the living room. But I was sad I didn't have a nice fat cigar to puff on. Same with new years, again we are hosting and the same problem. But if it was at our friends house it would be the same thing.


  • denniskingdennisking Posts: 3,703 ✭✭✭
    Back yard with the fire pit or in the garage with my gas heater on and the garage door open. I have a pretty rippin stereo in the garage.
  • BigT06BigT06 Posts: 3,899
    I smoke where I am on holidays and special occasions. On typical days, I only smoke in my office (when inside) but on a holiday or special occasion, I celebrate it where the action is. Hell, it's my house... not gonna sit out my own party just so I don't bother anybody with smoke... plus when we party at the house my wife is usually too drunk to care anyways ;)
  • willso7willso7 Posts: 156
    For me i always smoke in my house when its cold outside, just stay close of the kitchen fan, but for special occasion like xmas or new years Fortunately my brother in law and my father like to smoke cigar, so i cant walk around the house. OH ! HAPPY NEW YEARS BOTL.
  • Steve2010Steve2010 Posts: 1,036
    Christmas Day 2011:

  • camgfscamgfs Posts: 968
    I am going to my brother's place for New years. The weather is warming up, calling for +2 (Celcius, which is like 34 degrees F ???). Up here we call that "bikini weather", so we'll be out on the deck having our cigars while playing Texas Hold'em and enjoying the 'warm' weather. At least it won't snow, lol.

  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,347 ✭✭✭
    cards and smokes, cool man.
  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,347 ✭✭✭
    Christmas Day 2011:

    lol, that will work too.
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