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humidor storage configuration questions

I was wondering what the pros would consider the ideal storage configuration for a lidded box style humidor? Do you like more than one shallow tray on top of the aging bin in the bottom. How many trays and what would your ideal length, width, and depth be? As for the bin on the bottom how deep would you like that ideally? Where would you prefer the humidifier to be? Maybe in a vented compartment on either or both sides? And would you prefer a glass top or the entire case to be lined with cedar. I am in the planning stages of building a humidor and I want the opinions of people who have owned a humi or two who can maybe point out what would make a good humidor a great humidor, be it more storage, the perfect size trays, or ease of access to the humidifier. And pictures of things work would be great. Pictures of things that don't work are great too. Thanks everyone.


  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    my dream humi....

    i want it to hold about 500ish cigars. a drawer on the bottom for the oasis with power inside. a drawer on the top for beads.
    the front will have a glass door than hinges and the cigars will sit in a series of drawers that hold about 100 smokes a drawer.

    as far as a box top loading humi... one tray max. they take up too much room. I have a seperate humidor for aging.
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