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Cigar Box as humi?

KingoftheCoveKingoftheCove Posts: 932 ✭✭✭
Would an older A. Fuente cigar box (Curly Head Deluxe) function as a humi for a few weeks?
If I put a 5lb weight on the lid, it passes the dollar bill test with flying colors.
With 2 or 3 pillows will I be good to go?
Or should I just use a ziploc baggie or ccom baggie with pillows?


  • KriegerKrieger Posts: 337
    I prefer baggies, but the box should be just fine if its sealing well, i'd guess.
  • KingoftheCoveKingoftheCove Posts: 932 ✭✭✭
    thanks - I just found an old thread on this here (doh!)
    think I'll go with a big ziplock, and put the box inside it with cigars in the box - pillows in box and in bag
  • jlmartajlmarta 50 miles from ParadisePosts: 7,832 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Horst, I think some of those boxes would work pretty well. I just received 2 boxes of cigars recently and when I took them out of the boxes to put in my coolidor (with 65% beads) the RH was at 71% a couple hours later. It was a steady 65% when I put 'em in there. This tells me that the boxes they came in were holding the RH pretty well. Just sayin'.......
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