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I am looking for ideas. I just found out I can host a website for under 4 bucks a month. I am looking for good ideas for the DCCCs website. I believe most of you will recognize the artwork when it takes off. Looking to launch it sometime next month. All of you with blogs: I would appreciate your permission to link to them. Free advertisements for those with websites too, just give me permission.


  • camgfscamgfs Posts: 968
    I am looking for good ideas for the DCCCs website.
    Ideas eh? Can you narrow it down? Will the site be used for:
    - Blogging?
    - Information?
    - images?
    - networking?

    There are a lot of cool tools to help produce slide shows, add videos to your site and so much more.

    Some advice I offer to anyone starting up a site is to know what you want to put on your site and then MAKE SURE THE WEB HOST SUPPORTS IT! If you will be using a "tool" that they provide, find out the limitations on how many pages, images or slide shows you can post. Find out if you are allowed to upload your own content/pages if they are not produced with said "tools".

    Some web hosts will only let you use their built-in tools to produce pages, and I think that's a terrible way to restrict your customers (just my opinion).

    Once you know what they allow for the money, have fun with it. Producing a website can be a great experience.

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