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How long can you keep cigars?

I was just wondering. Thanks to the great people of this forum, I have a 100 count Humi full and then some in a 20 count. I know you all have lots more, but this is a wonderful lot to me. Just wondering how long they will keep. I probably won't smoke more than 1 a week.


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    If stored properly.. Theoreticly forever. I seem to remember a story about some cigars found from 1800's that are smokable.
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    Ken_LightKen_Light Posts: 3,537 ✭✭✭
    There have been a bunch of really great threads lately about aging cigars. Definitely check those out.
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    DSWarmackDSWarmack Posts: 1,426
    Some get better with age, some lose their distinctive flavors with age. It really, from what I have learned here, depends on the cigar. It also depends on your personal preference. A stronger cigar will smooth out and loose some of the harshness, while a lighter flavored cigar might turn into a "tobacco flavored straw". This is from the mouth of a babe, so I am not sure on it, but it is what I've gathered from the BOTLs here. IMHO it is now time for you to start the experimentation for yourself! I am still trying to see how long a devils weed and a Pioneer Valley Espaciales need to be great cigars... Its been almost a year and they still smoke good, but neither of them are great (nor do I expect that)!
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    kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    they will be ok to smoke as long as you keep your humidor stable and close to 70/70. age will be good for many of them. if you are acquiring cigars faster than you will smoke them you have set yourself up for some very finely aged cigars in the future.
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    cooch36cooch36 Posts: 714 ✭✭
    till I smoke them!
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    DiamondogDiamondog Posts: 4,169
    I've smoked cigars 10, 20 30 years old, even Pre Embargo.....and I can tell you for a fact they are stunning.....now not every cigar out there will age well but I would believe more do then don't...
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    camgfscamgfs Posts: 968
    Don't worry about them getting "too old to smoke". I have some in what I call my "ISOM humidor" from 2001, 2002, 2004 and they are fanfreikintastic!
    As you see from the responses, chances are that most cigars will benefit from age so don't worry if they sit for a year or 2 before you somke them cause that's just 'rested' in my book.

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    SalemSalem Posts: 717
    Thanks everyone. Now I won't worry about them aging.
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    KCWKCW Posts: 1,334 ✭✭✭
    Listen to them Salem. I'm at a really exciting time with my collection. (I've been keeping cigars for about 4 years now). I've got some really nice cigars with a little age on them ( anywhere from 1-3 years). I have several really nice sticks I have aquired that are at about 5-10 years. I now buy my cigars with aging in mind. After a few years you'll start to notice what it (aging) does & if anyone ever gifts you ask them how long its rested (so you can note that as well). So far to date, the very best stick I've had only spent a year in my Humi. I can't wait to try it with 3,5,7 years.
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