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Timmy B™ loves Dr Pepper®

Well, I can only assume that bearded people - who are entirely trustworthy on account of said whiskers alone - have a profound love of the greatest beverage on Earth.

Why else would The Beard have taken care of me? Oh wait... because excellent customer service keeps me coming back for more from the best cigar shoppe on the globe.

I ordered a bunch of MoW Virtue's recently and when they got here, one of the 5 packs had a lot of moisture on it and inside the package (presumably from the over-excited humi pillow in the shipment).
I took pictures and sent off an email to Timmy and beseeched him, from one whiskered jowl to the other, to he'p me!

Tim not only sent me a replacement, but told me to keep the original 5 pack and see if I could salvage any of the sticks.

Furthermore, I wish to make it known that quite a while back I had ordered a metric buttload™ of Ave Maria's in a vitola that ended up drawing like a wind tunnel (insert Stewie's 'throwing a hotdog down a hallway' metaphor should you so desire) and when I emailed him about it... he allowed me to pick another vitola and ship the loose leafies back.

Thanks for always taking care of me Tim and Ccom! From price matches to great final satisfaction... Kudos (and Dr Pepper!) to you!


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