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Hey guys what's up?

I have some questions that you guys don't mind answering. What is the different between a regular and a v-cutter vs. a Bullet cutter? and how do you know when to use them?

Another thing is like I said in my other post, I am getting married this summer and I want to buy some cigars to pass around to friends and relatives between 100 to 200 cigars. So if I am going to buy them now I am going to need a humidor. I was looking around on eBay and they have humidors for as low as $30 (example - http://cgi.ebay.com/200-ct-LUXURY-WALNUT-CLEAR-TOP-WOOD-CIGAR-HUMIDOR_W0QQitemZ280209185314QQihZ018QQcategoryZ11675QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem) But I read somewhere that if you don't pay at least $300 for a humi than don't bother. (Well I can't afford that into my budget). I need your guys take on that.

Also I am going overseas over the summer before my wedding and was planning to take a bunch of cigars for friends (around 100) and I really can't find traveling cases that exceed the 50 count and that just wont do. If I did buy a humi will I be able to put it in my hand bag and take it with me? Keep in mind there will be a lot of moving around, will that mess up the humi or anything inside of it or most importantly the cigars??



  • bkelm18bkelm18 Posts: 3
    Cutters are just a personal preference. A regular, otherwise called a single or double guillotine cutter, makes just a straight cut. A V-Cutter, as it sounds, cuts a V into the cigar, which makes for more surface area to draw on I believe. A bullet cutter is kind of like a round razor that cuts a hole out of the cap. My personal favorite is a double guillotine. It's simple and you can find them relatively cheap.

    Don't go for the cheapo humi's on eBay. They are made with inferior materials and aren't worth it in the long run. Pay for a quality humidor. You can find plenty for under $100 bucks that are great. Or build your own out of an Igloo cooler. I made one and it holds humidity better than anything and it only cost about $50. Do a search and you'll find various ways of making one. I made mine out of a 40qt cooler, a pound of humidity beads (http://www.heartfeltindustries.com/proddetail.asp?prod=HB_1_65), and some *NEW* tupperware boxes (I keep the lid off). Pretty simple.

    I can't comment on the travel humi's. Never had one.
  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    low budget? Primeros is probably your best bet to buy in bulk....and for a travel humi for many cigars you might look at a desktop humidor...or the cigar jar as cigar.com sells them...I have one that is metal...might need to check and see to make sure it isnt glass.......you might want to check customs in the countries you are traveling to see 'if' or how many 'personal' use cigars you are allowed to bring with you
  • As far as the cutter goes, if you chew the end of your cigar might want to go with a punch. I chew and find that you get less pieces of cigar in your mouth with a punch. Make sure you get a big punch so you can draw good amounts of smoke. I usually just use my fingernails to "punch" the tip out for a perfect sized chew friendly smoking hole.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,634 ✭✭✭✭

    i havent read all the posts on this so im sure there are people that suggested exactly what i am about to sugest.

    as far as a huge travel humidor:  use a cooler, just make sure it seals well.

    as far as a humidor: on some level you get what you pay for but not really. Ive never paid more that 50 or so for a humidor. mine work fine. ( i have 3 humidors 25ct a 50ct and a 100ct)  there are many sites out there that can get you what you want.   the expensive ones ($100+ for a 25ct) are good in a way. they are solid wood and are very high quality.   they look great.   ... but they still only store your cigar. they do the same thing at three to four times the cost. 



    cutters:  I use a punch on every cigar that i can. if its too small i use a double guillotine. If its a torp again witht he double guillotine.


    this one also comes down to personal taste.

  • TccargillTccargill Posts: 23
    If your looking for a decent humidor at a decent price, look at the Cuban Crafters website. I own one and am pretty happy with it. As for cutters, its all personal preference but I either use a V cutter or a punch.
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