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HELP- Fathers Day!

I am trying to buy my father a cigar or two for fathers day and I am not sure what is a good buy.  He is a frequent cigar smoker and I know he has a pretty good collection and I want to make sure I don't send him something lowsy.  I am looking for a good cigar while staying within a reasonable price range.  I think he prefers dominicans over cubans? Any suggestions?


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    j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    How about Nicaraguans? I'd recommend the Oliva Serie G Cameroon robusto. Maybe you want to get him something classy, but reasonably priced, in which case the Gurkha Regent is around $9 a stick, so it is a little more expensive, but dads are worth the extra. Another thought, a Punch natural in the Punch size, that's one I like.

    Or, probably the best thought I'll have, buy him a sampler. Like This One! especially for father's day. Well, that's a few thoughts.

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