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MOW special ed fig, Ultimate trip cig list

its been awhile since my last post, hello all the spec ed MOW anyone had one? deal of the day, not to bad, woot.com had 10 at 50 at one pont, missed that deal, so the deal at moment seems not bad. how is it??? I dig the MOW line, Ruination is amazing, goes great with nice wine, and when you want a chill moment, virtue great for those persons who dont smoke often, or if you want something not so intense. So i just got the deal of the day spec eds fig. how are they??? I ask reason being im going out of country, to tahiati, bora bora etc for 10 days and need to figure out which stick are comming for the journey. Ruinations are on hand, opus x, lost city's on hand, ave reconquista 1.5 yrs in the humi are going, cohiba puro dominicana, black,xv and dot are going for persons who would like to hang and smoke. Gurkha beauty, beast and crest maybe. 10 day trip french polynesian islands so good trip, good smoke is what im after. various are going to come along, hopefully bring cubans back. but im curious whith these special MOW, are they a runiation wrapper with virtue filler? hints and ideals? also, long post im sorry.. anyone have god of fire, but looking to swap a few cigs for a few??? trip of a life time, good times, let me know


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    BigT06BigT06 Posts: 3,899
    They are very good. Same blend as the original MoW, but with the Ruination wrapper. So if you like those 2 cigars, you'll really like the SE. And it's a great deal. I'd say jump on it.
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