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Real Deal?

ScottUScottU Posts: 194
One of my clients owns a house in Mexico (Yucatan Area) and brought me a box of  Cohiba "Cubans" how can I tell if they are legit?


  • brc81brc81 Posts: 249
    A friend of mine brought me back a little wooden case of "cuban" cigars from his cruise trip to the Dominican. I didn't have the heart to tell him they were counterfeit and was thankful for the gift.
  • ScottUScottU Posts: 194
    Comparing to the CA page, it looks legit.

    I guess I don't want them to take up real estate if they aren't worth it - Also got a box of Monte Cristo "Cubans"
  • VidarienVidarien Posts: 246
    Even if the bands check out, taste is the ultimate indicator...legitimate cuban factory rolled cigars have a very unique taste. If it tastes more like a dominican CT, with a grassy blandness, you've been duped. If it tastes like muffler smoke, you've been duped. If you have ridiculous draw and burn problems, youve been duped. (Small ones happen) A true cohiba from one of their government factories, should have a cedary, earthy taste...spicy but not overwhelmingly, with some coffee/creamy flavors with thick loads of smoke. I have had the real deal and a knockoff, and with the knockoffs...they arent always all that bad...but you can tell within the first inch if its a fake.
  • JKTexJKTex Posts: 92
    I think for someone that lives there and would buy from somewhere not "touristy" you have a better chance at the real deal.  Anything brought back form "vacation" will likely be crap.

    Local shops have no reason to scam locals in "town".  Even around tourist areas, locals will know what's for the tourists and what's real.

    At least that's my thought.
  • ScottUScottU Posts: 194
    Good point, their home is in a very non-touristy place too...

    I'll just give them the old smoke test, and hope they don't taste horrible..
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