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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Hey everyone, Ijust got back from Council Bluffs Iowa (Visiting my bro and his wife) and for my b-day he bought me 3 CAO America sticks plus a couple of other items, WOW was I excited! I introduced him to the fine pleasure of Cigar smoking. (I gave him 2 bundles of cigars for HIS b-day. It was a pretty exciting time. We visited this tobacco shop in Old Omaha (Nebraska) and come across this hole in the wall smoke shop and looks are decieving, in it was this huge walk in humidore, I was a kid in a candy store! I looked around, saw the CAO americas and said I'm buying them, but before I could, my brother spoke up and said "No, I'm buying them for you for your Birthday"! What a guy! I just had to express my excitement to you guys. I'm gonna do this right and age them for a couple of months before I do smoke em. Take care all!  Robert

"Happiness is a long ash".


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