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RE: Diablo, Ashton and Overture by Alec Bradley

Any good? Any ever try one? Just ordered samplers, looked like they may be a good smoke.


  • PuroFreakPuroFreak Posts: 4,132
    I've never had the Diablo or the Overture, but I've had a few Alec Bradley smokes that were really good and Ashton makes great smokes! I've had the Classic and the Cabinet and they were both very good. I want to try the VSG and the Heritage. I did just add an ESG to my humi that I'm going to have to age a while!
  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,349
    I really liked the alec bradley tempus, and of course the Ashton VSG (one of the best cigars I have had). The cabinet selection I hear is good- I have one in the humi.
  • Rob1110Rob1110 Posts: 1,455 ✭✭
    I've had the Diablos (actually just split a box with a buddy of mine). They're not what they claim to be - spicy and strong. They're a pretty smooth, medium bodied smoke, not very spicy, but not all that bad, especially for the price. I've had two sizes and enjoyed both.

    I haven't had the Overture, but also split a box of the Tempus with that same guy. Those are great smokes.

    I typically love all things Ashton. I love the classic line with a cup of coffee and donut/muffin, etc in the morning - very mild. The Cabinet is a nice, woody, not to spicy, medium bodied smoke. The VSG is a great, complex, slightly spicy medium-full smoke that'd be great after a nice dinner and the ESG is slighly similar, but a tad less spicy and a tad more complex with more sweet notes.
  • VidarienVidarien Posts: 246
    Id have to smoke another to be sure, its about a year since the last time i had one, but the ashton classic (until at least i have another) still ranks as my #1 mild cigar. Im just not willing to pay the price for them when i can get 5V golds or ghuka symphony's at deal prices sometimes.
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