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Wrappers in the humidor?

Ladies and Gents~

I've recently entered into the wonderful world of cigars, and I'm certainly enjoying my newfound hobby. In perusing the blogs and forums, I must say that a newbie will feel very welcomed by the surrounding people. I've read most, if not all, of the posts and responses, and all questions are entertained with sincerity and respect, whether obvious or elementary.

With that, I must ask my question: do you "professionals" leave the wrappers on the cigars when you put them in your humidors?

I've read the answers from "Yes, the plastic will breath so it's ok," to the "No, they are only used for shipping and should be removed."

So which is it? I'm sure there are personal preferences, but is there an overwhelming preference either way?

Thanks in advance!


  • spidahspidah Posts: 12
    I too have asked this question of several people.  I have found that it all boils down to personal preference.  Some say remove the cellophane some say leave it on.  Personally  I have found that it is a matter of the cigar.  With certain brands I found that over time the "taste" of the cellophane was absorbed in to the cigar while others were unaffected completley.  My suggestion is if you buy a few unwrap half of them and  leave the other half alone.  If you notice a difference  you have your answer.
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    This question has brought about many a spirited discussion and as far as I'm concerned there is no absolute right or wrong. As spidah said, "it all boils down to personal preference". I leave the cellophane on all my smokes, except one of each kind. Basically cellophane is used to protect the wrapper and as I have a good number of smokes with the need to rotate them from time-to-time, I just don't want to risk damaging the wrappers. I've never noticed a humidity problem as the cellophane is porous. As far as aging, doesn't taste like there's a problem either. This works for me.
  • joeten5joeten5 Posts: 11
    All wrappers off for me.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭

    i keep all the cellophane on.  I know it ages a bit slower but, i rummage through my stash often and i like the added protection.


    its about personal taste

  • xanderxander Posts: 8

    Personally, I leave my wrappers on. I tend to travel quite a bit and take various smokes with me when I go. So I like having the wrappers on to help protect my sticks.

    However that being said, I do think that the sticks look better in the humidor without their wrappers.

  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    Both! I keep my cigars seperated in my humi by similar characteristics...so the ones on the top tray that I will more sooner smoke I take the cellophane off...the ones deep down in the bottom and some of my finer cigars I leave them on...but its completely subjective imho
  • ChevyChevy Posts: 61
    I keep some on and some off, depending on how soon I plan on smoking them. I hear that it is better for the "aging and maturing" process if you take them off the cigars but they will breathe either way.
  • aaronaaron Posts: 14
    I take all mine off.  I like how it looks, but I'm also not convinced that the sticks breathe just as well either way.  They may breathe with cello on but they must do better with it off.  So I take all of mine off and let all the flavors marry and let the humi do its thing.
  • Alex_SvensonAlex_Svenson Moderator Posts: 1,224 admin
    I wrote an article on this subject a while back. I cant seem to find it now, but this one is also pretty good. You may have to register with the site to read it. http://www.cigaradvocate.org/411/read_411_art.cfm?art_id=22
  • kaveniuskavenius Posts: 46

    Great article, Alex. And thanks to all giving their respective input. I believe I will take everyone's advice; I left one tray for unwrapped sticks, and the rest will remain wrapped. We'll see which ones taste best at the "smoking hour."

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