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Ccom excellent customer service

bigharpoonbigharpoon Posts: 2,963 ✭✭✭
I just received a response email from Jim Krebs that really exemplifies great customer service. Twice I have received Padilla Habano torpedos with a damaged wrapper. One had pieces missing around the foot and the other had some unraveling and splitting. I sent Ccom an email with a couple of pictures showing the wrappers and telling them I was okay with one but with two in a row I am bummed and not 100% satisfied. I didn't ask for anything and tried to be as nice as possible, telling them all the other cigars showed up flawless. I also mentioned that particular cigar keeps showing up without cellophane (as in S&H damage).

The very next workday (today) I got an email from Jim saying he is sending out two more as replacements but, knowing that cigar's wrapper is delicate, they are still very smokable and good even with the damage. I knew they were still smokable, that's why I didn't whine about getting new ones, but he sent them anyway and really stepped up and delivered great service.

It sure is nice to give my money to a company that appreciates my business.


  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,347 ✭✭✭
    Never heard about bad service from them. I don't feel worried from cigar.com when I order. I've always got great product from them.
  • dutyjedutyje Posts: 2,263
    I stay away from the Padilla Habano these days because the wrapper is so delicate. You'd think they would put the damn thing in cello with such a thin wrapper. I've only had one that was flawless. The others have all had wrapper cracks, although I will say that they didn't seem to impact the burn or flavor, but I could see one getting out of hand pretty quickly.
  • bbc020bbc020 Posts: 1,422
    I've smoked the Padilla Habano that had a cracked wrapper and it eventually began unraveling on me and I felt it did effect the taste. That thin little wrapper must have some impact on taste.
  • VidarienVidarien Posts: 246
    I just want to back up this post with my support. Back on the Ghurka Titan II Presidente one day deal, on the night it went active they had them at 24.95, but the cart kept charging me 34.95 when id attempt to checkout (which the page changed to the next day).

    Well i fired off an email to support about it that night and they credited me the 10 dollar difference on my debit despite their pricing mistake that night.

    These guys cant be beat, anywhere. They go above and beyond for their customers and im happy to always reccomend this site for my smoking friends.
  • tankbonniestankbonnies Posts: 191
    I thought I was the only one...I received one of these in a sampler pack...Same thing..cracked wrapper. But still smoked well.....I would like to buy more...but...with this..I don't know..
  • smbrinksmbrink Posts: 406
    Yeah the ccom boys are awesome. Ive never seen any company be so involved with their customers. The fact that they browse the forums and hook us up with sweet deals that aren't even listed is awesome. They're even getting in on The Battle of the Countries! Here's to you ccom!
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