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Afghanistan Pass strike two...strike three I'm out!!

Hey guys I was trting to work out a contact with a friends son who was in special forces in Afghan and he said he would not be able to help out because they are not allowed to say where they are stationed at while in A. So I think I've exhausted this resource for now, so if anyone else has any resources I guess this would be the time to dig them out. Sorry I could'nt help


  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    That doesn't sound right. I bet that he receives mail while he is over there. He doesn't have to tell you where he's at, He just has to give you the mailing address where his mail goes.
  • robert69165robert69165 Posts: 219
    Good point Ron, he may have not wanted the responsability. (that doesn't sound right either does it?) I'll try again. Thanks buddy!
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