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MOWSP Little Devils

Just had my first one last night, damn near ROTT. From what I read beforehand, I was expecting a serious punch in the face, maybe even along the lines of the MOWPA. Took me a good 70 minutes to smoke it, and mostly I noticed the smoke was permeated heavily by cedar, and very subtle hints of pepper, and something else I cant put my finger on (or maybe mixture of things). Around the last third some spice kicked in and I decided it was a good idea to go ahead and sacrifice my fingertips for the cause. But, that seemed like quite a drastic upswing in flavor (although, n00b here) that I hadnt had happen before. I'm leaving the rest of them to rest for a few weeks/months and I'll see where they take me then.

I'm still developing my palate, so mainly I'm looking to know- has anyone else tried these yet? I certainly wasnt disappointed, just caught completely offguard and cant find anything to compare my experience to!


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