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How do cigar cases work

JZerbyJZerby Posts: 122
Maybe this is a silly question, but I was at this discount tobacco store the other day buying a new cutter (this place has the same ones as other places but for a better price) and they had Cigar Caddy stuff. I'm familiar with the hard cases like the ones sold on here, but they also had a thing from Bic. It was a faux-leather cigar case that snapped closed. I've seen similar things on other sites and those little leather cases that 2 cigars slide into. But how do those work? It seems they don't seal. I know they are for temporary storage, but I'm just curious how they keep the humidity in a cigar even for a short time.


  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    they dont work....
    that is if you are looking for it to hold humidity.

    if there is no seal then it doesnt work.

    but they do work because they keep your cigar protected from damage and whatnot for the trip to where you will be smoking them.
    plus they look nicer than herfadors.
  • JZerbyJZerby Posts: 122
    I figured as much. I just wasn't sure if there was some trick or something that made them actually work. Thanks!
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