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CAO Italia Piccolo

After the enjoyment I got from the CAO Criollo Pampas, I decided to order some CAO Italias in the Piccolo size.

First, I want to say that I love the Piccolo/Pampa size. For $10, you get a tin of 5 20-45 minute smokes (depending on how fast you smoke). Great for a smoker who doesn't always have an hour to enjoy a longer cigar. They are also well priced, so you won't be hesitant to share them with your friends.

When I took these out of the cellophane, I was greeted by a great chocolate aroma with some subtle expresso in the mix. This was a nice surprise considering my Criollos smelled like a barn. Prelight draw was great! The only other cigars I have ever had were Criollos, and the draw was a lot better than the Criollos (which, I now realize, I had to work to get a puff). The prelight draw also filled my mouth with a mocha flavor that was associated with the smell.

Once I lit up, I immediately associated the flavors with those of the Criollo. It was very similar. The most dominant flavor was peppery cinnimon, which I greatly enjoyed. At the halfway point, a light expresso flavor came into play, but it was very hard to notice over the spiciness of the cinnimon. Other than the expresso, it was very similar to the Criollo. However, this had something the Criollo didn't: a good draw. I was amazed at the amount of smoke I was able to get from this with a single puff. Since this is only my second cigar I don't know if this had a really good draw or if the Criollos had a really bad draw. I'll find out when I smoke my Nub and my Rocky Patel Summer Collection Lancero. ^_^

Overall, I really enjoyed the CAO Italia Piccolos. The only real problem I could find was that, besides the draw, my undeveloped palette had a hard time differiantiating these from the Criollos I had before. I will pick up some more of these after I develop my palette.


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