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I'd like you help comparing various smart phone cigar rating apps.

MyCigarBook Plus -- two stars
This is a free Android app available from GooglePlay. I downloaded and installed it in a snap. Then I rated a Cusano 59 Cameroon robusto with it.
When you open it, it begins with a "Find Local Cigar Stores" page. That page cannot find any cigar stores in Delaware, and we have excellent. I suppose the developer is trying to get stores to pay for a listing. I dunno.
Then you touch "continue" to go to your rating list. Each rating is listed by name with your photo if the stick as background. Has slots for size, wrapper, numerical rating, price, country, and notes. When I picked Cusano 59 for the cigar from the provided list, it still asked for wrapper, country, etc. I would think that would be implicit in the cigar selection. Instead, all slots default. For example, price defaults to 10, rating defaults to 90, etc.The notes slot is WAY too small, and difficult to scroll. Maybe it's just me, but I think text is going to be the heart and soul of a rating. You have buttons to send your review to facebook or twitter. That's just crap I would never use. Other than that, the app is easy to use and the price is right.

RateMyCigar -- four stars
This is a two buck app available from GooglePlay. I downloaded and installed it with more hassle than the other. The GooglePlay agreement to bill my AT&T account was reams of opaque verbiage of the sort that makes people hate lawyers. Then I rated the same Cusano with it.
This app opens to a tight list of cigars with no graphics or images. I click on the cigar rating I made. First slot lists the brand, then model, then size, shape, wrapper, strength, origin, price, comments, drink pairing, rating, then quantity, then date added followed by date smoked.. The very extensive list of brands to pick from does not include Cusano, which seems odd. If you enter Cusano as text, then naturally the next two slots for model and size complain that you have not selected a brand. You enter text in a too-tight slot, like the previous app, but once you save the rating, then the text area expands to fit the text you entered. That's a vast improvement. Can't think why you want to enter quantity; but maybe I'm not thinking. The biggest deficiency is the rating system, which is only one of five stars; though you can go half a star if you have a clever finger. One to a hundred number rating is more of a range.

I settled on RateMyCigar. This app has proved very handy already. Easy to use, easy to update, handy to look things up. It's great to have a cigar journal always in your pocket.

Cigar Boss -- two stars
Free from googleplay. This guy is buggy. It takes quite a while to load, has crashed several times, and never exits in the normal way. It's chock full of features which either I can't imagine using, like the links to preferred shops or their blog, or which don't seem to do anything at all, like the favorites button, or which I just don't have enough interest to figure out how they work, like the my humidor button. The one thing it does have, though, is an extremely extensive cigar description catalog. Huge. This app, I think, would only be useful when browing the shelves at your local store, to get a quick idea what a certain brand and model is all about.

Cigar Finder -- half a teensy ass-teroid
This free app from googleplay claims to find cigar friendly places and cigar stores nearby. Looking at the list generated from here, I am convinced that about half these listings are just strip mall news stands where smokers buy cigarettes and a lottery ticket. The nearest real good walk in humidor premium cigar store is not listed; its parent shop located 8 miles away is listed. On the other hand, there are some places that I have never heard of, which sound very promising, and which I will investigate today. Best of all, by fooling with this app I stumbled onto a cigar lounge / coffee bar in Lancaster PA which I will definitely go see. It's a beautiful hour's motorcycle ride through Amish country to get there, an espresso and stogie, and back we trot. I don't see how that adventure can miss. Never would have found it without this.

Wow. Went out hunting for the three cigar stores listed on CigarFinder as being the closest to me. First one was woods. Thought it would be. I know the area. There's nothing there but woods and a train track.. Second one was a bar. I hunted hard and long for this address, because it's a busy business district, so there was a good chance. The good news is, as I stood in front of the address given, the app still told me I had 2.35 miles to go. It's handy to be accurate to within fifty feet like that, especially when the info is full of crap. Third one turns up a shop in a strip mall with a sign saying: "Cigarettes, newspapers, lottery tickets". Sure. Cigar store. If you're into Swisher Sweets. The fine cigar store I usually go to, about half a mile away, is not even listed. It's much larger parent store, about eight miles away, is not listed. On the other hand, a third store they own, ten miles away, is listed. So out of a half dozen, we score two unlisted, two ghosts, one news stand, and one real cigar store. Un bee leave hubble.

Anyone have another app they can rate or which they can suggest I try out? I am not an Ihead, do not Iown an Iphone, only an Idroid Itrix, have no Idea how to Irate Iapps from the Istore. If you do, I'd Ippreciate your Ihelp chIming In.

I can see the response to this thread is underwhelming, but I am a geek, love my smart phone, use it selectively but often, and I see it as an ideal way to keep a cigar journal.

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