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5Vegas Limitada '08 for trade

I inadvertently double-ordered what I intended to a couple weeks ago, so now I have a few more than I originally planned. Well, i thought that this would be a great opportunity to set up a trade, so i'd like to try and trade 3-packs for a 3-count of something i've never tried before. If you'd like to help a BOTL "expand his horizons", check out this list of things i've been wanting to try and see if you'd be willing to trade any of yours for any of mine:)

ANY Punch
ANY Man O' War
ANY Graycliff
ANY Padilla
ANY Don Pepin
ANY Sol Cubano
ANY Partagas
ANY Perdoma
ANY Hoyo de Monterrey
ANY J. Fuego

Cusano 18 Paired Maduro
Gurkha Turk
CAO Black
CCOM Cuban Label
CCOM Brazilian Label
RP Double Maduro
Oliva Connecticut Reserve


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