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Too humid in... my humidor!

Help!!!! My humidor keep going from 70-75 % to 80 and peaked at 85 %, I took all humidification devices out except for the basic ones that came with the humidor. What can I do?


  • brc81brc81 Posts: 249
    Have you tested your hygrometers to ensure they are accurate? Are you using digital or analog hygrometers? I had a cheap digital hygrometer from walmart that was off by 8%. Ended up tossing it and getting another of the same time that has been tested many times to be only off by -1%. If you are using analog, toss them and get digital.

    If it truly is a high humidity issue many will probably tell you to get the humidity beads, as they will stabilize humidity by absorbing excess humidity and emitting humidity when needed. The only time I ever had a high humidity issue I took out all my humidifying devices and let the lid open for an hour or two. Then once I closed it back up I monitored the humidity and only added humidifying devices 1 at a time at the humidity dropped below 65%. I keep my humidors between 65-68%.
  • robert69165robert69165 Posts: 219
    I'll have to look into getting a new hygrometer the only one I have is the one that was built into the humidor and it's analog. How do you test hygrometers?
  • brc81brc81 Posts: 249
    1. Place the salt in the bottle cap (or other small container).
    2. Dampen the salt with water. Do not put so much in that the salt gets "sloppy". You want a damp pile of salt in the bottle cap.
    3. Place both the hygrometer and the bottle cap full of damp salt in the ziploc bag and seal it well. (It is important not to let air on or out while the test is going on.)
    4. Keep it like this for over 8 hours.

    After 8 hours in the damp salt environment, the actual humidity inside the bag will be 75%. Compare it to your hygrometer, your hygrometer should also read 75%. If not, you will then know exactly how far off your hygrometer is. If it's off, note the amount and direction that it actually reads and be sure to add or subtract that amount when reading the hygrometer. If the hygrometer has a control to adjust it (either the needle or the display), you can set the hygrometer to 75% immediately after the test.
  • brc81brc81 Posts: 249
    The analog hygrometer in my desktop humidor rarely moves off of the 60% mark no matter what the humidity really is. I think I used it for a week or two before I bought a digital. They look neat, but are pretty much worthless.
  • Jetmech_63Jetmech_63 Posts: 3,454 ✭✭✭
    Calibrate the Hygro for sure! Also, ensure you are using a distilled/PG solution mix in your humidifier. That helps a lot. I use a mix of crystals and boveda packs, depending on where i am. Also if all else fails and your in a really humid enviroment and cany seem to get your hmidity down, place a small bowl or shotglass of rice in your humi. I have to do that from time to time on the ship when we go to the humid-as-hell gulf. But unless your living in deep Georgia or Mississippi, you shouldnt have to.
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