AZ borks, any B&Ms i should check out while in phx?

Here through the end of the week. Grew up down here but its been years since ive visited. Only shop i know is the one off tatum and shea. Wouldnt mind seeing if theres some stuff down here that my shops in CO dont carry.


  • lonewolf2011lonewolf2011 Posts: 504
    The best I know of is Fox Cigar Bar out in Gilbert, this is my regular spot...
    Great selection, prices and awesome full bar. Huge scotch and micro brew selection.

    Another one worth checking out is Churchills (the 44th & Camelback location) no bar but good selection, lots of Viaje & tatuaje here.
  • ndhaon91ndhaon91 Posts: 441
    Awesome, thank you. I had forgotten about Churchills. May swing by since there isnt a single viaje to be found in all of colorado. Fox sounds great. May have to drag the wife down there for drinks tonight.
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