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La Flor de Ynclan

Size - Robusto
Wrapper - Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade, weak veins
Construction - Very Good, close to excellent
Burn - Very Even
Smoke time - 2 hours
Medium to full flavor with a light to medium body

I really don't know or remember where I got this but I lit it up the other night and I was very pleasantly surprised. The cigar started off with a light bite of spice then slowly mellowed with a smooth creamy/nutty flavor with some leathery notes at the end. It burned evenly and stayed relatively cool. The end of the smoke had a small kick of spice again which was a nice touch. The smoke lasted me 2.5 hours, but that was because I put it down twice, so really it would have been more like 2 hours if I smoked it all the way through.

I checked cc.com and the other two sites from which I order and none have these cigars, so I must have picked it up at my local shop. I checked other sites which do have them and they sell them for about $4 to $5 a stick. I would definitely smoke one or more of these again.

The band on the cigar looks like this:
A Very Good Smoke


  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,219 ✭✭✭
    Interesting, thanks for the review and the picture of the band. If you ever hit my name in one of the trade games ... gift me one of these bad boys :)
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