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Don Pepin Cuban Classic!

I havent smoked a CClassic since before the band changed to what it is now with a secondary gold band on the foot of the cigar. I tried one recently, does anyone else find this cigar is alot milder than it use to be? I remember the 1979s i think they were (mini torp), they were really spicy and hearty. They seem different now. thoughts?


  • BigT06BigT06 Posts: 3,899
    To my knowledge the blend hasn't changed. That doesn't mean it's gonna be 100% the same experience, but the formula is the same...

    That said, depending on how long it's been (you said it was a while) it is probably more likely your palate has changed, and you perceive it more differently than it really is.

    Hard to do a real comparison due to the age that the originals have on them now, but when I smoke one of my last few remaining old style band Blacks (the old, old band... not the new band w/no footband) they are actually more mellow due to the aging than the new, fresh ones are.

    I love em all though. lol
  • The SniperThe Sniper Posts: 3,910
    Love the "old" ones without the footband, and cant wait to try the ones with the new yellow footband. Really need to pick some of those up, but I admit to being more than a little scared...

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