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Bahias de Costa Rica

This cigar is from Inversiones Tabacom in Costa Rica.I have a lot of respect for the Costa Rican brands I have tried to date,the construction is excellent,and the taste and aromas are very enjoyable. It is likely they will do very well in the US market.
The Bahias de Costa Rica has a flawless, toothy,light brown wrapper,the seams are perfect,the cigar is perfectly round and is heavy in the hand .The size is 5x42,a corona .The prelight reveals a firm draw,pleasant, mature, sweet tobacco taste,and gentle tobacco aromas with a hint of caramel.
The light up produces a clean,sweet tobacco taste,hints of cinnamon toast and caramel.There is a gentle palate coating finish,light notes of fine leather,and toasted oak.The burn stays perfect throughout,the ash is light gray and very fine,this is a common note among all the cigars from this company.
The second half of this delightful smoke picks up the intensity a bit,the flavors are richer,but still gentle and sweet,the aromas still spicy and compelling.I am very impressed by this offering,the flavor profile is wonderful,not strong ,but very full and totally enjoyable,the aromas of the smoke make me want this cigar to last all day long.I could smoke these every day,I would recommend this as a first smoke of the day,or a last smoke of the evening,it is totally delightful in every way.I rate this Bahias de Costa Rica 5.5 out of 10 strength,18.5 out of 20 overall...
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