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Cusano LXI Sungrown Robusto

webmostwebmost Dull-AwarePosts: 7,352 ✭✭✭✭✭
Threw in a Cusano ashtray deal when buying a house blend sampler from c.com... this came with.

This stick sports a nicely marbled sun grown wrapper which has a spicy odor. The wrapper tastes bitter. Uncaps easily, and immediately draws quite well. The unlit flavor is leathery.

It took me three matches to light this beast. I had to spit immediately. Very peppery in the beginning. But as soon as I got some ash, the pepper mellowed out. Rum was key with this stick. Any time it seemed, harsh, I took a hit of rum and it mellowed. The smoke was ample and smooth. But I had to keep hitting on it to prevent it from tunneling. The odor of it is just not suitable for indoors. Flavorful as can be; but required too much puffing for me. I like something I can lay down on the work bench and enjoy the aroma as I putter round the garage. This, I set it down at one point to get busy with a file, and it snuffed itself suddenly. Lit back up easily enough; but made me dizzy doing it. Had to chuck it about an hour in. Had to go brush my teeth, in fact.

Got a nice stinkfinger out of it, though. Enjoyed that. Had a vicious morning mouth. No wheeze.

Two and a half stars, and that's probably generous. I usually like Cusanos. This one, not so much. It may have been me. We were at a picnic that day and we ate way too much. So I might just try another with the internal arrangements in better order and get a better smoke out of it.

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