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Suenos Oro robusto-Costa Rica

This is the Suenos Oro robusto from Inversiones of Costa Rica. The wrapper is a toothy oily brown, very smooth and has very clean seams,well made and firm. The prelight inspection offers rich mature tobacco aromas and taste, notes of caramel,brown sugar and oak.
On light up, there is a bold taste of rich tobacco,notes of caramel and brown sugar,aromas of cedar and fragrant herbal notes.
The first half produces a big taste ,leather and chewy flavors of rich tobacco,caramel,the aromas are deep and exotic,almost floral and very enjoyable.There is a touch of dryness on the finish,and a gentle palate coating feel.
The second half stays solid and tasty,the intensity builds a bit,leather and caramel still present, but stays pleasant and very nice,a very well mannered smoke. The burn has been perfect throughout. This is another winner from Costa Rica,I have been very impressed by the quality of construction and the overall taste profile of the cigars offered by Inversiones.I rate this one 6 of 10 strength,and 17 of 20 overall...
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