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Secretos del Maestro

From Vegas de Santiago,Costa Rica..Secretos del Maestro....This Toro size is a toothy,oily buckskin brown,has very clean seams, is firm and perfectly round.On light up ,the draw is medium,the first half offers tastes and aromas of mature tobacco,the palate is broad,with leather,cocoa,and a dry ,lingering finish.This cigar is very well made and has a pefect burn to the end.In the second half the intensity builds to a nice fullness,stays rich ,has notes of roots and earthiness,mature tobacco flavors and aromas,hints of leather,toast,oak leaf.This is a wonderful smoke, the burn is perfect,the cigar stays firm and pleasant to the end. This is a real treat from Costa Rica,compelling and satisfying.Rated 6 of 10 strength,17 of 20 overall
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