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Still wind, full smoke

I smoke outside. I have kids, and I smoke outside to relax. Even if society and the medical community didn't frown on smoking maduros in an enclosed space with children present, I would still do it outside, because sometimes there are nights like tonight. And sometimes kids can be a pain in the ass, and they hate how my cigars smell. Maybe some day they will catch a whiff of some random guy enjoying a stick in front of a bar, and have a fond remembrance of youth.

The air is dense with just a fragerence of wind, breathing off the heat of a south Texas summer day. A cloud of white smoke clusters around me, embracing my face, then walks slowly away, regretfully. I don't have a long time with this short Cariocas, the day was longe so my choice shorter; but still, I enjoy small visits with the leaf on humid, still nights like tonight, when I can smoke in peace with clouds around my head.

On windy nights, I often feel like I am having a silent quarrel with my hobby; fighting the char on the foot, blaming the breeze for the uneven burn, cursing the rouge ash on my lap. I love these windless, muggy nights. Tonight, I am at peace with my smokey mistress. I can lay her down with a smile when my fingers burn.


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