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So I know a lot of you guys (meaning those joined in the last year or so) don't know me, but some of you would probably remember that hotels are my gig. I love the hospitality industry, and I've found that several of my BOTL have a distinct interest in hotels as well. I came across this hotel last night, and I thought I would share it here. I know I'm posting this in Non-Cigar Related, but this property caught my specifically because it is positioning itself to be very cigar-centric (boasting the largest humidor in London), which is uncommon in the London market.

The Wellesley Hotel London

And aside from that, I thought I'd ask: what kind of experiences have you had in hotels/resorts, etc? Things you liked, didn't like, would like to see... (I promise, I'm not doing market research - this is just my industry and something I'm passionate about.)
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    We stayed at one hotel by Disneyland a few years back. The Annabella.
    Looking at it, it is a fairly ordinary hotel, but it was the staff that made it stand out from any other hotel we've ever been in.
    The Maitre'd checked on every guest in the dining area, bar area and pool area. He even brought me matches for my cigars. The dining staff saw some good tips. Clean rooms, clean grounds, well stocked towels at the pool and rarely did we every have to get up at the pool to get anything. We felt pampered. LOL! There were even small safes in the rooms.

    On the flip side, we stayed at The Boardwalk in Las Vegas and the rooms were so bad. After the first night, we had them move us to another room, cause the first one was so bad. The second room wasn't much better. Gaps under the doors, flies in the room and generally filthy.

    Because it was so bad we had driven by a hotel/casino on Lake Mead, The Hacienda and stopped in there.
    The Suites were the same price we were paying for a room at the other hotel and huge, with a view of the lake. It was very quiet. You didn't hear people running up and down the hall ways. And the staff were great to deal with.

    I think the biggest thing is customer service, cleanliness and being made to feel as though they appreciate you going to their hotel.
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    Worked at a hotel for 5 years and where I met my wife. For me, I want a quiet, clean room with good customer service.
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    Clean rooms with a nice soft bed. I mostly stay at Holiday Inns when Im on the road, 20 to 30 nights a year. And I always check for bedbugs :(
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    Cleanliness is a must. And I stay in hotels VERY frequently. The things I hate the worst, is when I get to the room and something doesn't work right. I would like to think that when a room is being cleaned, they would check everything for servicability. When you have been traveling for 18 hours and the only thing you want to do is take a shower, and it doesn't work, big issue in my book. I have seen some really great hotels. Went to one not too long ago that had a remot on the bathroom sink, turned out there was a tv in the mirror, while not a requirement, it was a nice little feature that was unexpected for a $100/night room.

    My personal opinion, is that the hotels that have instilled the attention to detail in their workforce supercede some of the bigger more extravagant hotels. I have stayed at 80/night rooms that were more welcoming and "homey" than a 400/night luxury suite. Attention to detail will take it very far in my book.
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    Della Terra in Estes Park, CO. Beautiful Mountain, European-style Chateau. Nothing but twelve rooms that are all suits and no children allowed to stay over night so nice and quite. Unfortunantly its a popular place in CO to have a wedding so...stay there during the week so you can avoid the Bride-zillas! Otherwise the place is great! Wonderful custom cooked breakfast every morning!
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    My main gripe is when I stay somewhere that has been "updated" but sure enough, they didn't yank the old tubs. A nice walk in shower is a must. The last place I really enjoyed was The Westin Edina Galleria.
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