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Ghurka Masterblender Maduro Churchill Video Review

kaelariakaelaria Posts: 572
This 7


  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,349
    I don't believe I have had it before. Nice review, doesn't sound like one I'll be trying.
  • smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    That sucks that happened sorry to see that maybe just rest the others for a while and see how they turn out with a lot of age on em. Also i tried posting on the site but it said must be logged in and i tried and it said i was looking for something that did not exist might have been my comp or something dunno though. Also i notice you don't take a pre-light draw this helps me to know if it is a tight draw or not and i have been doing what kuzi said a while ago if it is i put it back in the humi and it eventually loosens. I had a grand envoy the other day that i let rest for a while after it was a bit on the firm side and it turned to be perfect after some rest. Thought i would share this hope it helps love the reviews keep em coming.
  • kaelariakaelaria Posts: 572
    I'll turn off the registration, but I have not had any other reports of problems, let me know if you still have one. I don't bother with a prelight draw (or note it's flavor) because I don't smoke unlit cigars ;) I find some of the stuff 'reviewed' by some others to be pretty pointless, IMO, such as pre-light flavor. On the few occasions I have had an overly tight draw, a quick press and roll between the fingers at suspect hard points has always loosened it right up. If a whole stick is tight, that's just the way it is, and I'll review it as such. So far I have not run into that though.
  • smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    working perfect now i guess that did it i like your review on the O to i just got some of these cant wait to try em now.
  • KriegKrieg Posts: 5,096 ✭✭✭
    Serie O is a great smoke, I got one in a sampler once when I first started out smoking cigars. I had no idea it was such a good cigar.
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