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c.com sungrown label blend change?

So I picked up a 10 pack of cigar.com sungrown labels about 2 years ago when I think they first came out. I remember smoking one and it seemed to have pretty good spice, fairly light draw, but overall pretty good. I wasn't much into spicy cigars at the time, so figured I'd let them rest a while and see what happens. Well over the last year or so I've smoked a few more, and thought they were delicious. Still some spicy and pepper kicks to them, and they burned great (but a little fast).

Well I got another in a c.com sampler pack, and it looks different. The wrapper looks a slightly different shade (which could just be variances, fine), the foot looks like different leaves, and the draw is much tighter. I just lit this thing up, and am finding a completely different flavor. This new one seems to just be more bland, not as spicy/peppery, etc. The draw difference is good, I like a little tug on the draw. The burn is also much much slower on the new one. Overall, this just tastes like a different cigar. Maybe I just got a dud, which is fine too. The old and new sungrowns I have are both robusto size.

My question is, has anyone else noticed a difference between the early sungrowns and the new ones? I'm hoping this one is just a dud as I just ordered a box of these things now that I like a spicy cigar here and there.

Sorry, I'm not trying to complain at all, just curious if there was a blend change over the years, and this is just how they taste now, or if I happen to get a dud.


  • Amos_UmwhatAmos_Umwhat West TNPosts: 6,268 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I haven't had the CCOM Sungrowns since they came out, funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday. I have seen the same thing with the RP Sungrowns, however. The first of those I smoked were very good, in my opinion, and I had picked them up at a B&M in Nashville. A few months later, stopped at a shop in Nag's Head N.C., saw the box and bought some, much darker wrappers. It may be a variation in the growing season of the wrapper. Taste didn't change much.
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    One of my three favorite cigar dot com house blends. Dunno how it was before, but it really works for me now.

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  • tobaccomantobaccoman Posts: 13
    I bought a box of Churchill Sungrowns about 4 months ago hoping for something good.. Mine was very metalic (young) tasting... Not a properly aged wrapper more than likely.. Since that time there has been a slight improvement but not enough to call them good.
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