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Henry Clay

beatnicbeatnic Posts: 4,133
I smoked one with a friend tonight. Interesting cigar. I guess it has a history. Dominican filler, with a very earthy, maduro wrapper. It had some odd flavors that I couldn't put my finger on. Odd, but not bad. Nice draw, medium body. It did get real sweet at the end. In fact, I enjoyed the second half much more so than the first.
Anyone have any thoughts on this stick?


  • This is a cigar that I have smoked off and on for about 15 years. It's definitely not the best looking cigar ever made. In fact, because of how they package them in a wheel some of the smokes end up kind of flattened. It gives them, shall we say, character.

    However, what has always amazed me about these cigars (and unfortunately the price has gone up) is that from box to box they are very consistent. They all have a very earthy taste with a decently bold flavor. I've only had a couple with construction errors and I've probably smoked 50-60 boxes of these over the years. The broadleaf maduro wrapper gives it a little bit of a subtle sweetness. I also pick up a tiny, faint bit of metallic to the flavor on occasion.

    Overall, had the price not become prohibitive, these were ones that I ALWAYS had on hand because I could enjoy them golfing, mowing the yard, or sitting around drinking with friends.

    Always been a fan and will always be a fan of Henry Clays. I always get the Breva Conserva.
  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    I received a Henry Clay as part of a sampler at one point. Of all the cigars in the sampler, I think it was 8-10, my expectations were the lowest for the HC. As it turned out, I ended up enjoying the Henry more than just about every other cigar in the sampler. I certainly don't recall it being a world beater, but for a cigar that clocks in around $3-$4 a stick it is pretty solid.
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