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Cao 20 ct humi for trade.

I have a Cao black 20 ct humi for trade and i will throw a couple of cigars in to with it such as:
rocky patel r4
RyJ viejo 'b'
Gurkha turk
Gurkha class regent
Gurkha napalese warrior
Cu-avana intenso
I am looking for CAO mx2, camacho triple maduro, RyJ reserva real, and Cao Lx2 or if you have something else you want to trade just let me know.


  • smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    anyone want to do a trade for what i listed as well not just the humi just let me know.
  • smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    Oh come on haha some one has to have some use for a humi and some smokes .
  • sdipsdip Posts: 406
    Dont need the huni but have the following to trade; El Mejor Espresso, Indian Tabac Super Fuerte, 5 Vegas A, Legends La Aurora and Victor Sinclair Bohemian
  • smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    sorry not really looking for those i have most of those. Mainly looking for the ones i listed.
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