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Where to find a Humidor?

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Alright I want to purchase one and I want it to be big from the get go since everyone seems to start small and buy larger shortly after.

My question is where are the best places online to get quality at a low price for a 150+ count humi? Used is also an option for me so if any of you all have anything sitting around feel free to holler at me!



  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    Top quality typically costs top dollar - a 150-ct can range from $100 to $5,000 or more (probably more). The higher the quality, the thicker the walls, and the better the materials used. Google around and you'll find differences. So it's really a question of how big your wallet is. I've heard from some sites that a humidor should be almost entirely made of mahogany, with 2" thick walls, be quite heavy, and lined with kiln-dried spanish cedar - trouble is, a humidor like that will cost you a few thousand. The lesser expensive humidors are not made of mahogany, but they retain proper RH, have an excellent seal and are lined with kiln-dried spanish cedar. - - - - Why the price difference? Partly because of name, but partly because when the air outside a humidor is around 20% RH, and the air inside the humidor is 65% RH, that puts a strain on the materials used in construction. Over time (I don't know how long), the materials will either withstand the difference, or break, and be unable to maintain the proper RH ( I live in FLA, so the difference between humidity outside the humidor/inside the humidor isn't much different). I've heard it said that quality humidors begin at $250, and only go up from there. Whether you can afford one like that now, or whether you'll have to wait a bit depends on your finances. Converted wine coolers (Coolerdors) are generally built to withstand those types of pressures and are sold at affordable prices in many different places, but if you're looking for a wooden humidor, you'll pay a price for it. Check out the wikipedia article on humidors, it has a list of some of the top names, Lastly, Check your inbox.----------
  • smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    i have a 20 ct but you are looking for bigger haha.
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    Double 0, check your PM Inbox.
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