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SOS! Humi Questions!

ScottUScottU Posts: 194
Hey guys,

I recently got a new humi to store my overflowing stick. I seasoned it in, and it's holding 66 RH and 70 temp great! The only problem is, even with all my sticks in there, it doesn't have that "humi smell" that we all love. I used distilled water and a cellulose sponge when I seasoned it. So I'm at a loss, the smell is just off and I don't my sticks to be ruined (Centurians, MOW, DPG, Oliva Serie V) Is it because I am leaving them wrapped now?

Question 2: After several months of my oringinal humidor holding rh at 66 it recently started spiking to 74, even after removing all humidification devices. I can leave the humi propped open about an inch and it'll drop to the right rh.

Basically what I'm getting to here is....HELP!!!!!


  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,634 ✭✭✭✭
    as long as its spanish cedar, you should be fine with the smell thing.

    the spike in the RH may have to do with the weather in your area. its about this time of year that i decharge the beads in my humidor. if i dont the ambient humidity and the rise in temp will cause a spike in my humidity.
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