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Romeo and Juliet Romeo Toro

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I guess you'd say I gifted this cigar to myself, in a backhanded way. I was preparing a box for a BOTL, bought too much, couldn't shut the flap, had to pull two big ones out, this was one. I bought it because the BOTL remarked in his bio that he likes things he's never seen. I suspected this might fit the bill. Otherwise, looked too big and too dark for me.

At a nominal 6x54 the measurements on this thing are not so large as what it looks. Some of that may be the cheesy band, made to jump off the shelf at you, that makes it look larger than life. Construction is fine and firm throughout. The wrapper is dark dark brown, glossy, fine-grained, and perfectly applied. Unwrapped, I smelled cedar. In my mouth, I tasted lime. At the foot, I smelled pecans. It's like the thing couldn't make up its mind. And you will see this theme continue. It uncapped easily. Drew great unlit, tasting nutty. There was cedar in the wrapper once it got wet; but that soon disappeared.


It lit easily toasting the foot with one match. I got some shreds out of the head at first, but that settled down. Good draw and decent volume. At each hit, I would get a mouthful of cream. Retro was mild cedar. As soon as the puff was done, I'd get wood and a small hint of pepper in my mouth. Then on my lips I'd taste pecans. As it began to burn, honey grew in the cream. It was getting a shaggy ash, and I couldn't figure it out, so I knocked the ash off and took it inside for Bearswatter to sniff, as it is a well known fact that girls smell better.She just said "the end you chewed up stinks, but the other end is mild." Guess she couldn't figure it out either. I think if I smell the head I get pecan and if I smell the foot I get citrus and if I smell the smoke I get cedar. So about this point I figure I am all full of horse pebbles. I must be making this stuff up. So I go on line and scope out some other reviews. Same deal. Guys are all over the map, full of mixed similes, from vanilla to leather, neither one of which I taste a bit of, and each has seven flavors in between. Everyone else is juggling a whole bunch of ideas in their heads trying to figure it out. So I conclude that either this thing is real inconsistent or else indescribable. Half an hour in, the lime and pecan increase. I start spitting. An hour along, it gets bitter, having lost its honey while retaining the nuts. It lasts an easy hour and a half. Burns evenly throughout.

Lime and pecan stinkfinger. Morning mouth like an ashtray. Constriction in the chest and a damp wheeze whereby I hack little loogies all through breakfast. Good with coffee.

I conclude that this cigar is something of a decathlete: can high jump some, but not real high; can putt the shot, but not real far; can dash but not with leopard speed; can do ten things well enough, but none of them great. I give it three stars.

“It has been a source of great pain to me to have met with so many among [my] opponents who had not the liberality to distinguish between political and social opposition; who transferred at once to the person, the hatred they bore to his political opinions.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)

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