Arturo Fuente Grand Reserva - critique my rating

I'm sure everyone here knows how new I am from all my "how do I" posts but I have been fortunate enough to really get my feet wet by burning 7 fine cigars in the past 6 days including - Ashton VSG, Padron 1964 anniv, Edge by RP, and some not so well known Santa Damiana cigars. I led off with the Damiana's because they were very mild and were also buy 2 get one free! I enjoyed the smoke thoroughly until I puffed the next three which truly lead me to realize how enjoyable the world of cigars truly is. Although I enjoyed each cigar with a passion I have been getting my feet wet and not really paying attention to what I am tasting throughout the smoke so tonight I am going to take a stab at it. I'm not going to get real descriptive, I'm simply trying to "name that taste." If you've smoked a grand reserva please chime in.

After toasting, the first 1/3 started with what I believe was a very nutty, leathery taste. As I really got into the cigar I continued to get a very nutty, leathery taste with a light bit of spice (pepper) on the finish. The last 1/2 however was heaven to me with a very creamy draw and finish. I could feel the smoke rolling, more like oozing into my mouth and filling every taste bud and pore without ever getting hot. Hopefully that doesn't sound too terribly gay ;) but I truly loved this cigar and will go back for more asap!
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