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La veil humidifiers and other large electric humidifiers

Anyone use a La Veil? I'm looking at their high end unit as it works for 55cu ft. I've seems mixed reviews on the humicare and oasis products, any recommendation as to what you guys use, I may pull the trigger on a wineador tomorrow...


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    Do the wineador!! Just use beads or boveda since the thing circulates air anyways. I'm in the middle of finding all the parts to make my own climate controled unit since my wineador finally crapped out and is unrepairable but needless to say they are a good investment!!
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  • I have an Avallo system. It came with the cabinet but these are simple. You might be better off to build your own, which I'm looking to start doing soon. I wish I had a wineador...this heat is killing me. Good luck in whatever direction you go!!
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