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Iphone 5

Anyone have a guess on the monies it will make? I wonder if the recent news about Apple will affect their sales.


  • bbass2bbass2 Posts: 1,064 ✭✭
    I'm up for renewal, but can't decide between that or the S3. :(
  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,349
    S3 man, I love mine. But I'm very biased against Apple.
  • bbass2bbass2 Posts: 1,064 ✭✭
    I like the hardware and build quality of Apple products, but hate the proprietary connectors, no customization, etc. My current is an old HTC Incredible and my biggest problem with it has been battery life, but it seems like most new droid phones are fixing this problem.
  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,349
    eh, my galaxy 3 is better than my wife's G2 in battery life, however it depends on usage. my work gave me an Iphone 4 which seems to have no special battery life either, though it is better than my old evo 4g. I'm curious on life of the new Iphone5 will beat the LTE GS3, but from reports it might since the US version had to nerf the quad core due to LTE restrictions.
  • Lee.mcglynnLee.mcglynn HahahahaaaaaPosts: 6,030 ✭✭✭✭
    Love my iPhone and yes I'll be getting the 5!! But all phones have ups and downs...but I do like the customer service from apple! Before I had one I went thru 7 blackberries and 2 samsungs in under 3 monthes!! Needless to say the one problem I had with apple was resolve in a hour and haven't looked back since
    Money can't buy taste
  • VisionVision Posts: 3,855 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I carry a Samsung S2 for work, I have the S3 for personal and my Evo was just junked out..... I own an iPad, Macbook Pro and iMac. I will not buy and iPhone due to the "Nose up" attitude I get when I tell people who own them I own an Andriod. Also ..... I want to control my phone.... Android/Linux for life.

    PS.... Since installing Linux on my iMac I have had less problems. Ubuntu/Mint owns me.
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    I hate that the companies are getting good at incorporating your life into the products.
    Case in point is that I had an iPhone 4 and 4s and loved them, and it was cool that I bought and paid for boooks, music and apps and they synced to both without question. It was great that I plugged in my phone and my podcasts, my songs and my pics would cross back up.
    Now I have the S3 and Google does everything over the air and I also have an Acer a500 tablet and just signed into google and all my contacts, calendar and tasks all switched over. The S3 does suck for some Podcasts though, but the camera, video and other motion stuff more than make up for it.

    I guess it's good for the customers are winning for a change, but you have to adapt completely over for it to work (i.e. iphone, iPod, iPad etc...) super well. The bad part is that 8 years of my life I worked at Best Buy, so I like the Shiny new things, and the even WORSE part is my affliction is in these damned phones! At least I'm not super into HDTVs anymore!
  • RedtailhawkozRedtailhawkoz Posts: 2,915
    Hell Apple is bringing out the I Phone 6 for Christmas..... people that are buying that crap are What we call Apple SUckers..........
    I am a die hard Droid user... just got the Droid Razor a couple months ago... AWESOME PHONE !
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