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this page is in existence because there are many pages that I often reference. many of these links have information and concepts that may help others. I used to only keep the links in my signature line of my posts but it now takes too many characters to put them all in my Signature line. the only thing in my signature line from here on out is a link to this page. so here they are:

Developing your palate

Blending 101

what it takes to create a cigar

(almost) all inclusive guide to cigar etiquette, kuzi style

Kuzi's cigar Catalog

My Nicaragua Trip

Mold vs. Plume

10 most annoying cigar terms

The need for aging

*uck*t list

my Smoking lounge

2008 holiday pass

2009 holiday pass

2011 holiday pass

2012 holiday pass

2013 holiday pass

2014 holiday pass

"One man's Trash" pass

My Blog

An open Letter to Gurkha

follow me on twitter @KuzisCigar

My Facebook Page: Kuzi's Cigar Catalog on Facebook

if there is any that need to be added i will edit the initial post.


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