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Humidor Out of a fridge help.

I have seen some Pictures of Fridges that were converted into humidor's online and am looking to attempt that. i have done some research but am thourghly confused. i've read about jenson temperature monitors(wtf are they and are they easy to install), read about different types and ways to place wood in there (what's the best and how should i go about mounting it), and have actually decided on an Oasis (read the 101 on it in this site). now before people start messenging me about buying one there are a couple of things i need to throw out. 1. I'm a soldier in iraq si i need something that is going to last through some punishment (even our rooms get messed up now and then) and 2. i wanted to use a fridge because then i can screw a latch on and be able to lock it while i'm out on missions. also with the heat i need some type of cooling and temperature control (i'm guessing this is where the jensen device comes in but am not sure). if anyone can give me some more specific advice or email me some links it would be great. my email is: [email protected] thanks to anyone who can help.
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