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Garo Cigars

I had the pleasure of meeting Garo the other night at our B/M. Super nice guy and very passionate about his cigars. He brought three different samples for everyone. Started off with the Maduro which was his red label. The maduro was an ok cigar for me didn't get me excited and I began to feel a little sorry for this guy and what do I say when he ask if I like it?. However, I moved to the Los Lectores white label. WOW! what a difference, very nice earthy cigar with cedar hints all the way throughout the smoke. I am a fan of the Los Lectores after finishing this down to the nub. After a few minutes getting my taste buds back in order, I moved onto the Aniversario X. If your someone who loves a peppery cigar, this is for you. First few puffs I had a strong peppery hit in the back of the throat. It mellowed out afterwards but occasionally I would be hit with the pepper. The cigar again was very consistent with just a nice bold flavor. So after speaking with Garo about the Los Lectores he explained not every cigar he makes is meant for my taste, that I would not enjoy all of his cigars but his goal was to create that one cigar to fit my taste and he achieved that with the Los Lectores. I have met several cigar makers but never have they explained it that simple and so much passion than Garo did. Enjoyed meeting the guy and I would have to give Garo Cigars a big thumbs up especially the Los Lectores. They are a little hard to find due Garo selling mainly to the European market but if you come across them I would probably grab a few just to try.


  • RainRain Posts: 8,958 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the heads up.
  • The Aniversario x is one of my favorite cigars. I was in Saratoga Florida at a cigar shop and was introduced to by the stores owner. I also pick up a nutty flavor in this cigar as well as a hint of Carmel every now and then. It hits all my favorite tastes. Have not had the Los Lectores but will try to find one.
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