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La Mezcla Cubana Triangulare

prosspross Posts: 874 ✭✭✭
A good friend who knows I am into cigars gave me this a month or so ago. He stated he got it at a golf tournament and was told "it's a good cigar"

I let it sit for a month or so in my humidor never really giving it a second thought. Since it is cold out tonight, I figured, what the hell, and gave it a shot.

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The construction looked pretty good, although for the size of the stick, it is very light to the feel. It's also a bit spongy.

I cut it with my Xikar V cutter, because it is what I had with me. Typically I would use a straight cut for a pyramide style cigar.

This is a very, very mild smoke, with a touch of oak/cedar note that stayed one dimensional for the duration of the smoke. Definitely not in my wheelhouse.

My overall impression was that it was perfect for where it originated, the golf course, or perhaps a dog walk. Inoffensive, and probably the mildest smoke and aroma I have ever smoked.

Bottom line, if you have a friend who doesn't smoke ask for a cigar, this is the one.

Curious if anyone else has had/heard of this blend and what their thoughts are.
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