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The Best IPCPR Releases of 2012

What are the best IPCPR releases of the year. I think the Nester Miranda 2012 Gran Reserva is the king snake for full flavor and full body followed by the EP Carrillo Inch Maduro.


  • robbyrasrobbyras Posts: 5,487
    Headley Grange... hands down... though i still have a bunch of stuff to try...
  • beatnicbeatnic Posts: 4,133
    Man, that dude ruined a perfectly good glass of Bowmore with that smoke. I wasn't all that impressed with the EPC Inch. I'll throw the JdN Cuenca y Blanco (CyB now) into the conversation. I really like the flavor on that one.
  • catfishbluezzcatfishbluezz Posts: 7,001
    Tres reyna, daruma, l'atelier
  • That bottle of Bowmore was excellent with that Inch. You gotta try it.
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