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Freezing cigars

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I was talking to a recent inductee to the cigar hobby world and he asked if I froze my cigars before putting them into the humidor. This is to ensure you have no beetles. I said no, that's something you normally do if you find beetles. He said well a lot of people do it. I went on to discuss about the importance of a well maintained humidor and the conditions for beetle egg hatching.

But it got me to wondering how many of you freeze your cigars (up to 5 days) before you put them in your humidors?


  • bigharpoonbigharpoon Posts: 2,963 ✭✭✭
    I used to but after a while I just stopped doing it. I gained confidence in the companies I buy from to have already taken measures against beetles. The only cigars I worry about at all are custom fresh rolls so they have their own dedicated humidor.
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    If they come from ISOM, freeze... The trip is too long. I've even stuck them straight in, took our a week later for the fridge overnight and then they were good. Fridge first is a good rule. From there, I plan on using a wineador ASAP to control temp
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    Agreed with catfish... I also will freeze if they had a long trip in the summer time or they are a brand I have heard issues of beetles with. I know padron and la aurora freeze before shipping but I'm not sure which other companies do so. I have heard disaster stories about greycliff so I always freeze them and keep them sepperate from the others.
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    But when you think what freezing does to vegetables, doesn't it do the same to sotweed? Seems like it would ruin the texture and strength of the leaf. Besides that, there's got to be some continuing enzyme processes halted by the freeze. Then there's dehydration. Just does not sound right.
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