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Hey guys, Im new here and I have been reading through some of these forums to gain more knowledge on cigars. I have come across a lot of questions about humidors and I have am confused on what a lot of yall are talking about. So this made me kind of nervous about mine. I did not want to look through all of these threads trying to find the answers to my questions because I dont have that kind of time. So I have some questions for you that I would love for yall to give me some insite on. Basically yall can give me a nice humidor 101.


First ill tell you what I have. I have a Diamond Crown Humidor that holds around 50-75 cigars I believe. The humidification system I have came with it. It is a Diamond Crown Humidification system. It does not tell me what the temp. or humi. level is. It has two vents that slide to adjust the level. Is this fine to have? If I dont want to spend money on getting the kind that tells you what the humidity level is, is that okay?


I would like to know what yall mean by seasoning too.


If there is any other information that you can give me as well then that would be great.


Oh yeah and the one thing I know I do right is fill it with distilled water. But I think thats the only thing I do. Also I keep lighters, cutters, punches, and bands from the cigars I have smoked in there. Is that okay?


Thanks in advance guys. 


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    You definitely need a hygrometer to tell you what your humidity level is, never trust the humidifier to keep it in an acceptable range. You can get a nice Xikar digital hygrometer for around $20 and it is a tool you just don't want to be without.

    Seasoning your humidor is basically priming the interior wood with moisture so that it does not leach the moisture from your cigars, thus drying them out. Wood, in this case spanish cedar, is hygroscopic in nature, meaning it will take in and retain moisture...this is crucial in keeping a proper humidity level in the humidor.

    The best info I can give is to read through some of the other threads that discuss these topics. There is a lot of good information floating around on these forums and very little searching will get you what you need.
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